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There’s still time to get an Amazon Echo Dot while it’s just $15

Best Buy slashed the price of the third-generation Amazon Echo Dot to just $15 in its Amazon Echo deals for Black Friday, but nearly a week after the shopping event ended, you can still get the smart speaker for this cheap. It’s less than half its original price of $40 with a $25 discount, but there’s likely not much time left before the offer disappears. We’re not sure exactly when the bargain ends, so you need to make your purchase right now if you don’t want to miss out.

Why you should buy the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

It’s not the latest version of the mini smart speaker — that distinction goes to the fifth-generation Amazon Echo Dot — but the third-generation Amazon Echo Dot is still worth it, especially if you just need a cheap device to access Amazon’s Alexa. It will give you access to the best Alexa commands and the best Alexa skills, for functions ranging from simple ones like getting the weather forecast and setting alarms, to complicated ones like receiving medical advice and controlling your other smart home devices. If you buy multiple Echo Dot smart speakers, you can call the different rooms, or send an announcement across all of them like when you want to let everyone know that dinner is ready.

Between the fourth-generation Amazon Echo Dot and third-generation Amazon Echo Dot, you’ll be fine with the older and more affordable version of the smart speaker if you want a smaller footprint from the device as its successor replaces the puck-like design with a spherical shape. You won’t be missing out on Alexa’s newer features, such as Alexa Guard and Alexa Care Hub, because they’re available in both devices.

The third-generation Amazon Echo Dot is still available from Best Buy for $15, long after the end of Black Friday, but you’ll need to hurry because we’re not sure until when you’ll be able to take advantage of this $25 discount to the smart speaker’s sticker price of $40. If you’re planning to give it as a gift, or if you want to augment your smart home setup for the holidays, you should buy the third-generation Amazon Echo Dot right now.

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