Terminology Information

  • Strip: (v) process of taking wood down to its bare state; a process that breaks down and removes stains and finishes
  • Hand Sand: (v) process that is done by using sandpaper or sanding block, in various grits, to vigorously  prep wood to receive stain or paint; a process done without use of machine
  • Minor Repairs: (n) Glue ups/tightening, small veneer patch ins
  • Major Repairs: (n) Cracks, Splits, Broken Legs/Arms/Etc, Missing Pieces, Structural Issues, Etc
  • Stain: (n) Pigment used to alter the color of wood (General Finishes Product Line)
  • Tone:(v) process of coloring via shading to tinting the finish
  • ReCoat:(v) to apply a new top layer of finish
  • Paint: (v) to apply a layer(s) of milk-paint (General Finishes Product Line)
  • Custom Color Match:(v) process of matching new color to old color
  • Touch Up: (v) process of putting color in small dents, dings and scratches
  • Refinish: (v) entire process of disassembly, stripping, hand sanding, staining, 5-7 coats of finish, assembly;
  • Sheen: (n) finishes various degrees of shininess
  • Hand Cane: (n) hand woven patterns of reed, most commonly of the 7-Step Pattern; easily recognizable by holes and sewn in binder around perimeter
  • Sheet Cane: (n) roll of machine woven patterns;recognized by a solid, un-sewn binder ; patterns vary in size, shape and design

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